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Claims for Actual Cost Capital Payments

What You Can Claim

For Actual Cost Capital items, you may claim what is agreed in your contract. Your claim must not exceed the maximum grant approval for that item in your contract and schedule of works.  You can only make a capital claim for costs incurred and you must also enter the amount you are claiming against each item and the total cost claimed..

There is no restriction on the proportion of the cost of your Proposal which is made up of capital items. Some Proposals may comprise capital items only.

You cannot make a claim for any item which is not approved in your contract.

When to claim

The claim year for capital items that are scheduled in your approved contract for 2019 will run from 1 January 2019 to 28 February 2020 for all options.  If you do not submit your claim/s by the deadline or you submit your claim/s after the deadline  it will not be possible to pay your claim/s.

If you receive notification that we will not accept a late claim for payment you can contact your area office to discuss.  You will not be able to submit a request to review this decision under the Rural Payments (Appeals) (Scotland) Regulations 2015 as the regulations do not apply in these circumstances.

The position regarding variations has changed:

Previously, we accommodated variations for those struggling to spend their awarded funds within the expected year.  We have reached the end of the programme period for Scotland Rural Development Plan (SRDP) 2007-2013, this flexibility to allow rollovers no longer exists. For this reason we will no longer accept requests to transfer spend from 2013 onwards to future years.

How to claim and what to include

Claims should be submitted in paper format with original hard-copy invoices.  Submitting invoices on their own without a claim form is not a valid claim for payment. The claims form is available to download and print from the Rural Priorities website. Copies are also available from your local AFRC:RPID area office.

Details should be given in the claim form about the costs for which funding is being claimed and whether this is an interim or final claim.  An interim claim is a claim for part payment of a single item as detailed on your SoW.  A maximum of three interim claims totalling up to 70% of the total approved grant for that item can be submitted in each claim year and you must provide relevant invoices. You can claim for more than one item on a claim.  If you submit supporting documentation for more than 70% of the total approved grant for the item we will restrict the amount we pay you to 70% of the total approved grant for the item.  Any remaining cost will be paid when you submit the final claim for that item in the same scheme year.  As interim claims are submitted before work on the item has been completed you do not need to include a completion certificate.  This should be submitted with your final claim.

You are also required to provide any consents required such as planning approval, electrical certificates and Controlled Activities Regulations licences, as well as any other required information, along with your claim.

Time sheets for machinery and labour, actual cost payment rates for the use of claimant's own tractors and vehicles and labour on approved eligible works, and Electrical inspection and testing certificate can be found here.

Any work set against leverage should not be included in your claim.

When Will Payment Be Made

Payments for capital items will be made on a continuous basis throughout the year, as soon as possible after the receipt of a valid claim and in any case within three months of receipt of a valid claim.  A valid claim is a claim that has been completed correctly with all the information necessary provided on and with the claim.  Claims will not be processed for payment until the full supporting documentation is received including all properly receipted invoices.  All claims are subject to administrative checks to ensure that:

  • Works claimed are suitable

  • The claim matches the approved contract

  • The claim form has been completed correctly and the total amount claimed entered

  • If you are registered for VAT that the claimed amounts are exclusive of VAT

  • The claim form is signed and dated

  • All supporting documentation as detailed on annex of approval document is submitted with the claim

  • Properly receipted invoices are submitted with the claim.

Once a claim has successfully gone through all the relevant processes, you will receive payment by Bank Automated Credit System (BACS).  We aim to have the payment into your bank account within ten days from the date we authorise the claim.


If you receive funding for an operation whose total cost exceeds 50,000 Euros then you must erect an explanatory plaque.  If the total cost of an operation exceeds 500,000 Euros then you must erect a billboard as outlined in