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Clyde Valley Region - Business Viability and Competitiveness page 1 of 2

This table shows the regional priorities relevant to the region you have selected.

Each regional priority has a unique code (column one) which will help you to identify your selected priorities when completing your Statement of Intent/Proposal.

The detailed description (column two) has been provided to help you understand the implications and outcomes being sought by each priority.

The package numbers (column three) will help you to cross reference those relevant packages to the regional priority you have selected, with the full list of packages detailed on the right hand side of the page.

Regional Priority Code

Business Viability and Competitiveness Priorities

Relevant Packages

1. Priorities will contribute to improving the competitiveness of rural land-based businesses by supporting restructuring and development through improved viability, competitiveness and innovation. Capital investment in agricultural businesses where the investment will:


a. reduce production costs. Particularly proposals that:

  • increase efficiency of the business by reducing costs of production.
2-4, 29-30 & 33


b. enhance the productivity of the business. Particularly proposals that:

  • enhance productivity and the viability of individual and associated businesses in the Clyde Valley Region.
2-4, 33 & 35


c. make the business better able to respond to market demand. Particularly proposals that:

  • participate in a recognised marketing scheme or promotion scheme that involves a Clyde Valley product, such as Clyde Valley Farms Direct or Made in Lanarkshire.
  • demonstrate an innovative approach to developing new products and a strong identity for food and drink derived from the Clyde Valley Region
  • applicants that take part in direct marketing activities in Clyde Valley Region and beyond.
1-4 & 35


d. enhance the quality of the commodities produced by the business. Particularly proposals that:

  • will add value to local produce within or beyond the Clyde Valley Region.
1-4, 33 & 35


e. maintain and improve animal health and welfare standards. Particularly proposals that:

  • participate in recognised animal health schemes to improve the efficiency and marketability of livestock
  • make best use of latest technical advice and knowledge.
2 & 30


f. facilitate better waste management. Particularly proposals that:

  • improve manure and or slurry storage and treatment
  • promote participation in waste recycling schemes at regional or sub-regional level
  • encourage the use of bio-digesters that deal with food and animal waste and as a source of sustainable energy.
27-30 & 33


g. mitigate farm pollution and/or reduce greenhouse gas emissions (in specific areas - see "Water and Soils"). Particularly proposals that:

  • reduce environmental degradation within identified designated sites and other sites identified as part of the Clyde River Basin Management Plan.
27, 30, 33 & 34


2. A viable, competitive or sustainable farming sector, through encouraging new entrants to restructure or modernise farm businesses. Particularly proposals that:

  • help new entrants to develop the farm business through capital investment in buildings, equipment, infrastructure and/or information technology

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