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Thriving Rural Communities

This table shows the regional priorities relevant to the region you have selected.

Each regional priority has a unique code (column one) which will help you to identify your selected priorities when completing your Statement of Intent/Proposal.

The detailed description (column two) has been provided to help you understand the implications and outcomes being sought by each priority.

The package numbers (column three) will help you to cross reference those relevant packages to the regional priority you have selected, with the full list of packages detailed on the right hand side of the page.

Regional Priority Code

Thriving Rural Communities Priorities

Relevant Packages


Improved viability and well being of Scotland's rural communities. Particularly proposals that:

  • involve community based initiatives that will improve and or retain access to services for those living within rural areas within Argyll and Bute Council's sustainable siting and design principles and guidance, particularly:

1. aimed at young people, older people, under employed, unemployed, women, micro-businesses, social enterprises, volunteers and community groups

2. Involving playgrounds, refurbishment of community buildings, sports facilities, community retail outlets, community care/health facilities, community mobile or outreach projects

  • make better use of existing community facilities, e.g. by diversifying the use of a community building, making better use of IT technology, improving building energy efficiency, improving countryside access around communities
  • provide access to land to develop buildings, facilities, housing and woodland crofts, including proposals that fit with the National Forest Land Scheme
  • involve partnership working between communities, the public and private sectors to develop under-used land to deliver wider public and local community benefits, including community woodlands in and around communities.


Sustainable, resilient rural communities, which are empowered and encouraged to take a positive role in influencing issues affecting them and their communities, through improving skills, knowledge and capacity and supporting other community led initiatives. Particularly proposals that:

  • involve an established, constituted and active community in Argyll with a clear geographical remit and a high volunteer participation in proportion to community population

1. Undertaking significant investigative or preparatory work for a planned development benefiting the community

2. delivering a development project, local service, running a social enterprise, acquiring a modest asset or project that influences/directs others

3. using organisationally effective and strategically placed skills, training, financial management systems, technology and communications to achieve their goals

4. that has achieved core financial independence, i.e. secured a sustainable income stream.

5. support for poposals from established community groups which seek to optimise the multi-purpose utilisation of forests for local and wider community benefit

  • proposals that maximise the opportunities offered by the National Forest Land Scheme to deliver community benefit.