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June 2016

LMO 2015 Capital Claim Form

The LMO Capital Claim forms for the 2015 Scheme year, are at present being generated and sent out to applicants.  This job was run from week beginning 23 May 2016.

Guidance on how to complete the form will also be supplied with your claim form.  You can also access the guidance by clicking ‘here’.

If you haven’t received a Claim Form by 22 June 2016 please contact your local Area Office to ask for a copy of the form and the guidance.

Please remember that your local Area Office must receive your claim Form by 31 August 2016.

Please note; that in certain circumstances we may have been unable to pre-print your Claim Form.  If this has been the case; and information hasn’t already been provided to you; please contact your local Area Office for an extract of your Animal Welfare/Improving Access continuing commitments. 

Please check that the information we provide you with is the most up to date, based on the information you may already have.


March 2016

Now that this Scheme is closed, there is no need for us to maintain a large presence on the website.  All the information from the previous year’s website has been compiled into one Guidance Note.  To make it easy to navigate through the document, bookmarks have been put in place so that you can hop between different areas of the guidance.

The layout of the Introduction page has also been revised.  All guidance for the Scheme can be downloaded from this page, as can all the forms you may require.  Further information attached to specific options can still be downloaded from the option page within the Guidance.

If you succeeded LMO continuing commitments in the 2015 Scheme year, we may not have been able to pre-print your application detail to the 2016 SAF.  Please check to ensure all the details we hold for you are correct, and amend if not.

Please remember that the way you apply for your LMO continuing land based commitments and your LMO Animal Welfare Management Programme (AWMP) continuing commitments changed from 2015.

In order to apply for your LMO you must first tick the boxes on page 3 of the Single Application Form confirming that you intend to apply to continue with either your land based commitments and/or your AWMP.

There is a Section within the SAF that will be pre-populated with the information we hold for you. Please check this information is correct and amend if not. Please remember that if you amend your land based commitments, you will need to amend the information that should be pre-populated on your Field Data Sheets.

Please also remember that from 2015, new Guidance relating to reductions and exclusions came into force.  The main change concerns capital claims.  If what you claim exceeds what you are due by more than 10%, a reduction will be applied.  This will be the difference between the two amounts.  This will reduce the amount we will pay you.  The new guidance can be found on the introduction page.

Further information has been provided as to how meeting the greening commitments will affect certain LMO options.  Guidance can be found here.  Further information regarding the impact on 2015 Scheme year payments will be available in due course.