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Animal Welfare Management Programme


Animal Welfare Management Programme

Option 23 - Animal Welfare Management Programme


The aim of the option is to support livestock producers to adopt and continually improve high standards of animal welfare over a 5 year programme. It will assist in reducing common endemic diseases on your farm, make significant improvements to the welfare of your livestock and support the economic viability of your business.

Guidance on this option was issued to land managers in April 2009 - an updated PDF version of the guidance (15 pages) is available here. It includes the relevant codes to use in your LMO application form.

Applications for LMO must be received by the deadline of 15 May.

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Confirmation of annual review form. In years 2 - 5 of your 5 year commitment, you must submit this form with your claim for payment, signed and dated by you and your vet. It confirms that an annual review with your vet was carried out by 1 December.

FAQs - we will update this page on an on-going basis.

EU Welfare Quality Project (2 page summary) - when reviewing your current livestock welfare status we advise that you should assess it against the principles and criteria of the EU Welfare Quality Project. These are listed in the guidance but you may also be interested in reading the 2 page summary.

Accredited vet list - a list of veterinary practices whose individual vets have attended an induction course and are therefore accredited for the production and review of Animal Welfare Management Plans.

Animal Welfare Monitoring and Benchmarking System - guidance on using the benchmarking system is available on the website.

The Scottish Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS) has been funded by the Scottish Government and created by SAC to support vets and producers involved with this option. The system can be used free of charge by AWMP accredited vets and their farm clients, though its use is not an option requirement.