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Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014 - 2020

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A Rural Development Programme

Rural landscapeRural Development Programmes provide support under the Pillar 2 of the Common Agricultural Policy. The SRDP is co-funded by the European Commission and the Scottish Government and reflects the 6 EU Rural Development Priorities. The programme also reflects the Scottish Government National Performance Framework (NPF). The foundation of a Rural Development Programme is set in the European Commission Rural Development Regulations. These Regulations lay out a set of articiles which are the basis for the funding that is available in Rural Development Programmes. Within the 2014 - 2020 programme period the European Commision required that European Structural and Investment Funds come together to allow for a strategic overview over the use of European funding. In light of this a Partnership Agreement was developed. This agreement outlines how the SRDP 2014 - 2020 will have a joined-up approach with other European funds in Scotland for economic growth and fisheries.

Development of the SRDP 2014 - 2020

SRDP developmentIn 2012 a set of Working Groups were established with the purpose of developing the proposals for the SRDP 2014 - 2020The papers for each of these working groups are archived and are available for viewing.

There have been two public consultations on the SRDP 2014 - 2020.

The Stage 1 consultation took place in May 2013 to gather views on the initial proposals for the SRDP 2014 - 2020.  The analysis of responses for this consultation is available.

The Stage 2 consultation built on the original proposals, taking into account feedback from the first consultation and stakeholder engagement. It also included proposals on budgets, schemes, delivery mechanisms and communications.  The analysis of responses for this consultation is available.

Agra CEAS Consulting Ltd have carried out an ex-ante evaluation in conjunction with Scottish Agricultural Colleges and Collingwood Environmental Planning Ltd. The aim of the ex-ante evaluation was to ensure that the objectives and targets set out in the SRDP 2014 - 2020 were realistic and attainable. As part of the development of the SRDP a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment has also been prepared. The final reports of the evaluation, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment are available.