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Crofting Community Right to Buy

Crofting Community Right to Buy Crofting Scene

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act gives crofting communities the right to acquire and control the croft land where they live and work and to acquire the interest of the tenant in tenanted land (interposed lease). It decisively changes the balance of power between the crofting community and the landowner. The major distinguishing feature of the crofting community right to buy is that it is a right which can be exercised at any time. It does not depend on the land being for sale, as under the community right to buy. In effect it is a forced sale and in that respect has something in common with a compulsory purchase.

Two crofting communities have submitted applications under the Crofting Community Right to Buy to purchase land in which they have an interest.

The Galson Trust on the Isle of Lewis submitted a right to buy application in 2005 but withdrew their application after negotiating an amicable agreement with their landowner.

The Pairc Trust on the Isle of Lewis submitted an application in May 2005 and revised applications in February 2010. After lengthy consideration Scottish Ministers decided, on 21 March 2011, to approve the 2010 applications submitted by The Pairc Trust, whilst rejecting their 2005 application.

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