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Rural Land in Scotland - Land Management

SEARS - Scotland's Environmental and Rural Services

SEARS is the name given to the collaborative agreement set up between 9 public bodies, in order to offer a better service to those who manage rural land in Scotland.

It is meant to ensure a better standard of service by allowing the different groups to work together to provide people with better information and advice. This closer working arrangement is also meant to cut down on the number of inspections that need to be carried out and the amount of information that you are asked to provide.

Asset Management Review of Rural Land

The Scottish Government Asset Management Review which reported in January 2008 recommended that a review of the land assets should be undertaken. This report also encompasses the requirements of the SEARS Land Management Project looking at how land is managed across its delivery partners.

Asset management review of rural land report

Map of Rural land assets


Scottish Government Crofting Estates and Holdings

The following document summarises the Scottish Government's crofting estates and lowground holdings, as at 31 December 2011.

Scottish Government Crofting Estates/Holdings