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Bull Hire Review Group

Bull Hire Review Group

The final report of the Bull Hire Review Group was published on February 8, 2010. The Review Group held three meetings on May 27, September 2 and November 2, 2009.

The group was chaired by Sarah Allen who is an agricultural adviser and former member of the Crofters Commission. Its underlying aim was to examine the best way crofters can work together to keep quality livestock in Scotland's remoter rural areas.

The terms of reference of the group were:

  • to investigate practical options to encourage crofters to work together to keep quality cattle of high health status in remote rural Scotland
  • to identify those parts of the country where crofting communities would be unable without support to secure the fertilisation of cows at equitable cost
  • to consider what type of public support would best help to overcome such disadvantage
  • to define the outcomes which any such support should be designed to achieve
  • to consider whether, in order to achieve the desired outcomes, support is best provided in cash (by grant to crofting groups) and/or in kind (for example, through the supply of bulls or semen)
  • to recommend options to Scottish Ministers by November 2009 to achieve best value from the resources devoted to the interim Bull Hire Scheme