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Crofting policy in Scotland - Crofting Organisations

Crofting Organisations

Crofting Commission

The Crofting Commission is a Non Departmental Public Body. They act in the regulation of crofting and aim to:

  • be an efficient and effective regulator
  • promote occupancy of crofts
  • promote active land use, and shared management by crofters, as a means of sustaining and enhancing rural communities

Scottish Crofting Federation

Established and run by crofters themselves the Scottish Crofting Federation is a charitable company which aims to:

  • Work to develop, promote and encourage crofting
  • Represent and safeguard the interests of crofters, their families and communities, their cultural heritage and their legislative rights
  • Promote the environmental, social and cultural benefits of crofting activity and land use as intrinsic aspects of rural development
  • Raise awareness of crofting through information and education
  • Promote diversity of people, enterprise, skills and expertise

National Farmers Union Scotland

The purpose of NFU Scotland, an agricultural organisation representing 10.000 farmers, crofters and growers is to promote the interests of its membership, by influencing Government and others, and assisting its members to develop profitable and sustainable businesses.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)

The task of the HIE network is to unlock the potential within the Highlands and Islands and help create a strong, diverse and sustainable economy where quality of life is matched by quality of opportunity. HIE's activities include: provision of business support services, delivery of training and learning programmes, assistance for community and cultural projects and measures for environmental renewal.

These activities are primarily delivered through ten LECs are the prime point of contact for businesses, communities and individuals looking for our assistance and advice.

The Highlands and Islands Enterprise network undertakes the promotion and continued development of the Highlands and Islands in a global environment. A key function is to ensure that European funding is successfully secured and distributed throughout the HIE network, to ensure the continued development of the area.

HIE works in partnership with many organisations to foster this role.