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Crofting Consultation 2017

Crofting Consultation 2017

The Scottish Government is committed to reviewing the modernisation of crofting law within this Parliamentary session.

The first Crofting Law Act was passed in 1886, and there have been several reforms and amendments made in the resulting years. Consequently, Crofting Law has been deemed vastly complex, difficult to implement into practice, and often open to dispute or other interpretation.

A consultation document - Crofting Consultation 2017: A consultation on the future of crofting law - was launched on 28 August 2017 to seek views on several legislative priorities of crofting and the potential pathway for new legislation.

A Summary document - Crofting Consultation 2017: A consultation on the future of crofting law - a summary - has been prepared to help respondents navigate the consultation document.  It does not replace the consultation document which provides the context and much more information relating to the questions.

  • The consultation closed on 20 November 2017.

Analysis of the responses received was published in March 2018.


Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity: Planned approach for legislative change.