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Governance Review - Crofting Commission

Governance Review - Crofting Commission

In November 2016, the Scottish Government put in place a review of governance arrangements within the Crofting Commission. The Governance Review was to consider a number of matters including:

  • Governance arrangements relating to the Board and a review of the systems, procedures and support mechanisms to underpin effective decision making.

  • The systems, processes and procedures in relation to decision making in three recent Common Grazings cases – at Bohuntin, Upper Coll and Mangersta (but not the decisions themselves).

  • Arrangements for handling conflicts of interest.

The final review can be downloaded below.

Governance Review - Crofting Commission

Downloadable document:

Title:Governance Review - Crofting Commission
Description:Governance Review - Crofting Commission
File:Governance Review - Crofting Commission [PDF, 771.2 kb: 09 Feb 2017]
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