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Crofting legislation

Review of Crofting Legislation

The SG is committed through PfG to examine the modernisation of crofting law to make it more transparent, understandable and workable. 

  • consultation was held during Autumn 2017 setting out possible options for legislative priorities and a potential pathway to secure change.
  • No consensus was reached in the consultation: both groups of individuals and groups of stakeholders showed an even split in their preferences on how legislation should be reformed. 
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity set out his plans for a package of work to take forward legislative reform and related measures, at the Cross Party Group on Crofting on Wednesday 28 March 2018. This will focus on a two phase approach.
  • Phase 1 - focussed on delivering changes that resolve known issues, improves transparency or promotes simplicity. 

  • Phase 2 - continuing with a fundamental review of crofting legislation, seeking to address more complex issues.

  • As well as the consultation responses, the proposed changes to legislation is expected to draw heavily on the recommendations of the Crofting Law Sump.


Crofting Bill Group

To aid development of the planned package of work, stakeholder organisations have agreed to work with the Scottish Government to consider proposed legislative change. The papers from all of these meetings shall be published via the link below when available. 

Bill Group Meeting Papers

The Crofting Bill team can be contacted by e-mail - croftingconsultation@gov.scot