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Rural Business Support - Veterinary & Advisory Services Programme 2015-16

Veterinary and Advisory Services 2015-16

SRUC/Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) Consulting provides a wide range of advisory activities on behalf of the Scottish Government. These activities cover public good advice to farmers and other land managers, disease surveillance, veterinary and animal welfare planning advice, as well as advice to the Scottish Government. Funding for these services also includes a subsidy to enable SRUC/SAC Consulting to provide commercial and advisory services in remote and disadvantaged areas.

Collectively, these are known as Veterinary and Advisory Services. The Scottish Government agree detailed annual work programmes with SRUC/SAC Consulting for each activity, with detailed budgets, objectives and activities. The commissioning process involves planning, management and monitoring of the programme. Annual negotiations with SRUC/SAC Consulting reflect changes in budget, proposals for new activity and budget allocation, and proposals to stop particular activities.

More detail is available from:

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