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Rural Business Support - Skills Development Scheme

Skills Development Scheme (SDS)

The Skills Development scheme is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme. It will provide funding support for eligible organisations to set up group training initiatives (workshops, training programmes and other group events) to improve business and land management skills.

Initiatives must either fill a gap in existing provision or offer a new and effective way of meeting a training need. It can be a one-off event, a series of events or a longer skills development programme lasting not more than 3 years. It can be locally based or have a regional or national coverage.

Organisations, other than commercial training providers, can apply. The organisation must already be involved in promoting or supporting the development of land or business management skills ( e.g. an Enterprise Company, environmental charity, levy body or other sector body). The participants must be farmers, foresters, crofters or other land managers, their employees or immediate family member, over 16 years of age. To be eligible initiatives must involve at least 10 eligible participants.

An SDS information sheet is available.

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