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Monitor Farm Programme 2015-2020

The Monitor Farm Programme is a Scotland wide network of farms across the sectors, led by farmers, for farmers, to help improve productivity and farm business profitability.

Monitor Farms are normal, commercial farms which are typical for their area.  The monitor farmer opens up the business to a local group who become involved in the decision making process for the farm.  Aided by a facilitator and a community group of farmers, the farmer sets an agenda to improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the farm business over the three years of the project.

The concept, adopted from New Zealand, allows farmers to share experiences, find out how others have tackled problems and adopt best practice.  The emphasis is strongly on practical farming and good business decisions rather than theory. Monitor Farms are funded via the SRDP Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF) and relevant levy body contributions. Link to KTIF: https://www.ruralpayments.org/publicsite/futures/topics/all-schemes/knowledge-transfer-and-innovation-fund/

Monitor Farm Development Group (MFDG) & Forward Strategy for Monitor Farm Programme 2015 – 2020

Co-ordination and Forward Strategy is the responsibility of the Monitor Farm Development Group.  Membership of the MFDG consists primarily of funder representatives, the Scottish Government and a Monitor Farm Facilitator representatives. Link to Forward Strategy:  /Topics/farmingrural/Rural/business/monitor/ForwardStrategyforMonitorFarmProgramme

Purpose & Vision

Is for the use of the Monitor Farm Development Group (MFDG), to guide the members and their organisations in shaping the delivery of their individual projects, and the Monitor Farm Programme as a whole.

It will instil consistency and continuity across the MF programme, ensuring it evolves, and remains fit for purpose as a vehicle for improving our Knowledge Exchange delivery mechanisms.

The vision is to: To play a leading role in the transformational change of farm and rural businesses in Scotland required to successfully meet the challenges ahead”

Monitor Farm Hub and related Websites

Latest Hub News; Upcoming Events; and Latest Hub updates please visit: http://www.monitorfarms.co.uk/

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