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Agricultural Wages

Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB)     

The Scottish Agricultural Wages Board is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body set up under the Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Act 1949. The SAWB exists to set minimum rates of pay and other conditions of service for agricultural workers in Scotland.

The SAWB meets 2 times a year in order to determine the minimum gross wages payable to agricultural workers and to set conditions for holiday and sick pay entitlement.

Rates of pay from April 2019

Further information is detailed in Agricultural wages in Scotland guide for workers and employers 

Current rates of pay and other conditions (published March 2018) are set out in:

The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order & Guide (No.65)

The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Guide (No.65) - Polish Version

The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order (No.65) - Polish Version

The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Guide (No.65) - Bulgarian Version

The Agricultural Wages (Scotland) Order (No.65) - Bulgarian Version

Link to the UK National Living Wage


The Board is made up of 1 Chairperson, 4 Independent Members, 6 Members from Unite to represent employees and 6 Members from the National Farmers' Union Scotland and the Scottish Land and Estates to represent employers interests.

The Chair and 4 Independent Members are appointed by Scottish Ministers. The National Farmers’ Union Scotland / Scottish Land and Estates and Unite appoint their own representatives to the Board.


 Position on Board 2018 

Mr John Menzies


Mr John Connelly


Ms Denise Kazmierczak


Ms Jane Keir


Mrs Afshan Rathore


Mr Scott Walker


Ms Tracy McCullagh


Mr Peter Thomson


Mr John Picken


Mr Jamie Smart  NFUS

Ms Jane Stuart-Smith


Mr Jim Winter


Mr Scott Foley


Mr Scot Walker  Unite

Ms Kelly Graham


Mrs Frances MacKay


Ms Donna Donnelly