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Forestry Devolution Programme

The Scottish Government and the Forestry Commission in Scotland are working jointly under a Forestry Devolution Programme to manage all activity required in Scotland to complete the devolution of forestry. This programme complements work since 2015 by the Scottish, UK and Welsh Governments as well as the Forestry Commission under a Forestry Governance Project Board co-chaired by the Scottish Government and Defra.

Scottish Government and Forestry Commission staff are leading the following projects - to ensure all the work required to complete the devolution of forestry is taken forward in a coordinated way:

  • Legislation Project. Complete passage of the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Bill, secondary legislation in the Scottish Parliament and of consequential Scotland Act Orders at Westminster.
  • Forestry and Land Scotland Project. Establish Forestry and Land Scotland as an agency of the Scottish Government, from FES.
  • Scottish Forestry Project. Establish Scottish Forestry as an agency of the Scottish Government, from FCS.
  • Cross-border Arrangements Project. Establish the cross-border functions (economics, UK Forestry Standard and Woodland Carbon Code) that Scotland will have lead responsibility for delivering as part of the new agreement between Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments. Confirm Scotland’s requirements for the cross-border functions being delivered by the UK and Wales.
  • Staff Transfer Project. Transfer FCS and FES staff to the Scottish Government under the Cabinet Office Statement of Practice (COSoP).
  • Forestry Strategy Project. Prepare a new Scottish Forestry Strategy.