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Plant Pests and Diseases


Protect our environment from plant pests.  Further information about specific plant pests and diseases which may be a problem in Scotland, and the action being taken to tackle them can be found below.  If you suspect that a quarantine or regulated non-quarantine pest is present on your premises, please contact the Horticulture and Marketing Unit for advice at hort.marketing@gov.scot.

We currently have in depth information on the following pests:

Factsheets and Pest Alerts are also available on a range of other topical horticultural pests and diseases:

More pest and disease fact sheets can be found on the plant health portal and on the UK Plant Health Risk Register.

Contingency plans

Contingency plans set out agreed measures for the identification, control and eradication of quarantine and regulated non-quarantine pests which may enter the country, enabling the Scottish Government to respond quickly to any outbreaks. A generic contingency plan provides a framework for managing serious plant health incidents that may occur, and specific contingency plans are prepared for some named pests.