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Workshop 3: 14th December 2015

PHW 3 The Plant Health Policy team held a third Plant Health Workshop on 14 December 2015.  The primary purpose of this workshop was to further engage with stakeholders on development of the Scottish Plant Health Strategy and also to provide updates on other important plant health activitives.  The updates included presentations on

Since the last workshop, in December 2014, there has been on-going activity to develop the Scottish Plant Health Strategy, including capturing comments from the 2014 Workshop, meetings with organisations from each of the key sectors to agree objectives and creation of a small steering group to take forward drafting of the doucment. 

The next significant stage was Workshop 3, which provided an opportunity for engagement with wider stakeholders.  Interactive sessions formed part of the day, during which participants were grouped into small tables to discuss and feedback their ideas on two overarching Strategy themes; Risk-based Decision Making (morning session) and Interaction and Communication (afternoon session).  The main points that were discussed during the interactive session have been captured in this summary.

Workshop 3 stimulated good discussions and generated ideas which will be useful in both developing the final version of, and implementing, the Scottish Plant Health Strategy which is due to be published in Spring 2016.

PHW3 - interactive session PHW - interactive session PHW - interactive session PHW1

Workshop 2: 8th December 2014



The Scottish Government held its second Plant Health Workshop on 8 December 2014.  Stakeholders including scientists, policy-makers and trade representatives attended the event to continue discussions which began at the first workshop in March 2014.  The primary purpose of the event was to facilitate wider stakeholder discussion and input on development of the Scottish Plant Health Strategy.

The agenda split the day into two sessions.  An update session in the morning included a series of presentations, providing information on the EU Plant Health Review and plant health activities in Scotland, as well as reflections from the UK Chief Plant Health Officer, Nicola Spence,  since taking up her role in March 2014.  This was followed by a Q&A discussion and a short introduction to the Scottish Plant Health Stategy.

The afternoon comprised of an interactive session to discuss the development of the Scottish Plant Health Strategy.  Participants were divided into small groups, each with a mix of interests, to discuss and feed back their ideas surrounding key principles of the strategy, and elements that it should include.  A summary report was produced to capture the nature of these discussions.

The workshop provided a good platform to consider the next steps for developing the Scottish Plant Health Strategy.  There will be ongoing opportunities for stakeholders to input during 2015.


PHW2 (D1) PHW2(D2) PHW(D3) PHW2(D4)


Workshop 1: 18th March 2014

PHW2The Scottish Government held a Plant Health Workshop on 18 March 2014. The event was opened by Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, who gave the opening address and also announced the development of a Scottish Plant Health Strategy.

The main objective of the event was to update and engage with Scottish stakeholders on recent plant health developments, present findings from Scottish Government funded plant health research and facilitate knowledge exchange. The event was attended by scientists, policy-makers (from across the UK) and wider stakeholders who were given the opportunity to contribute towards the content and discussions of the workshop before and throughout the day.

The programme included a series of presentations with the morning session covering recent plant health initiatives, such as:

  • the EU Plant Health Regime, and
  • the Scottish Government response to recommendations of the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Taskforce (including development of the UK Plant Health Risk Register and a GB Plant Biosecurity Strategy);

and the afternoon session presented relevant findings of Scottish Government funded research on plant health.

This was the first of events on plant health to ensure Scottish stakeholders are engaged on developments in Scotland, UK, EU and International level.