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Plant Health

Colorado BeetleIntroduction to Plant Health

There are many plant pests and diseases which, if they were to become established in Scotland, could cause serious damage to our agricultural and horticultural crops, or to the natural environment. The Scottish Government is responsible for protecting Scotland's high plant health status and the economic benefits it brings.

Plant Health Controls

The Scottish Government's Plant Health Service carries out the following activities to prevent the introduction and spread of harmful organisms:

  • Carrying out regular surveillance to guard against outbreaks of specific pests;
  • Dealing with any outbreaks of quarantine or other serious plant pests within Scotland, or with the potential to spread to Scotland;
  • Ensuring compliance with controls on the movement of plants and plant products within the EU (including within Scotland and the UK);
  • Inspection of plants and plant products entering Scotland from countries outside the EU, or being exported to those countries.

Where can you find out more?

For further information, advice and guidance on plant health issues please select from the menu on the left.

For plant health controls and pests affecting potato production, please see the Potato Health Controls section.

How you can help?

Plants get ill too - find out how you can reduce the risk of spreading pests and diseases to new areas.

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