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Dickeya Solani - A threat to our Potatoes

A new bacterial disease, "Dickeya solani", has emerged as a major threat to potato production in Europe. In recent years it has caused significant losses in The Netherlands and is also found in England and Wales. There have been a small number of findings in Scotland, linked to non-Scottish seed brought into Scotland for ware production, and action has been taken to prevent any spread of infection from these. The Scottish Government has put new controls in place to protect our potato industry from this threat, and we would urge all growers to be vigilant and take care in sourcing their seed potatoes.

Our summary reports on this work can be viewed at;

Growing crops:

Report 2018 - Dickeya found in two seed potato crops - Disposal and Investigation

Report 2017 - continued good news for the Scottish Potato Industry

Report 2016 - another year of good news

Report 2015 - same again: no samples tested positive 

Report 2014 - great results continue

Report 2013 - another good year no positives

Report 2012 - no positive findings again

Report 2011 - no positive findings from this phase of our surveillance

Report 2010 - Good news for the Scottish Potato Industry

Tuber tests:

Report 2017/18 - good news again

Report 2016/17 - continued good results

Report 2015/16 - good results continue

Report 2014/2015 - another year of good news

Report 2013/2014 - more great results

Report 2012/13 - trend continues

Report 2011/12 - another year of no positives

Report 2010/11 - no positive finding on tubers

Further information is provided in the following leaflets:

A new threat to potato - "Dickeya. solani"" - background information on the disease.

Important measures to be taken to prevent the spread of Dickeya spp. in Scotland

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