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Potato Health Controls

Potato inspectionThe following pages set out the plant health control measures which apply to the production of potatoes in Scotland, particularly ware potatoes.

All stages of seed potato production are managed under the Seed Potato Classification Scheme, administered by SASA, and this includes measures to prevent and control diseases.

These pages provide information on a number of serious pests and diseases, the requirement for notification of potatoes brought into Scotland from elsewhere, and specific information for ware gowers.

Epitrix Consultation and Outcome

Potato imports from Spain: reducing the risk of Epitrix

Stakeholders were advised that from 21 March 2016 strengthened national measures will be introduced, which means anyone bringing seed and ware potatoes into Scotland from Spain (excluding the Balearic Island and Epitrix demarcated zones) should be aware that these must be washed so that there is no more than 0.1% of soil remaining.  These measures also extend to England.

Notification arrangements are still applicable.

These measures were implemented following the consultation below.

Consultation letter
Consultation Paper
List of Consultees

Consultation Responses