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Seed potato cropThe potato is an important crop for Scotland, which is recognised within the European Union as a Community Grade region for seed potato production and produces and markets seed potatoes of high health status (Pre-basic and Basic).

To safeguard this, all stages of seed potato production (including retail sales) are under official control of the Scottish Government. In addition, there are certain plant health controls on the production of ware potatoes. To ensure quality is maintained it is essential that growers practice good husbandry at all stages of production. More information on regulatory plant health aspects of potato production in Scotland can be found on the Potato & Plant Health webpage.

The Certifying Authority for seed potatoes in Scotland is the Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) Division of the Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate (RPID) of the Scottish Government. SASA is responsible for the management and administration of the Scottish Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS). The SASA website has more information on the Seed Potato Classification Scheme, including a register of seed crops in Scotland.

Around 65,000 t of seed potatoes and 10,000 t of ware potatoes produced each year in Scotland are exported outside the European Union (or to the Canary Islands). Up-to-date figures on the trade volume and destinations of Scottish potato exports can be viewed on the Potato Export Data webpages. Scottish seed potatoes

All potato consignments exported outside the EU (and to the Canary Islands) have to comply with the relevant phytosanitary regulations of both Scotland and the importing country before a Phytosanitary Certificate can be issued for export. Detailed information on the phytosanitary conditions for the import of Scottish potatoes into different countries around the world can be accessed via the Scottish Government's websection on Potato Export Conditions .

Market promotion of Scottish potatoes is undertaken by AHDB Potatoes, a levy-funded statutory body which also covers England and Wales.  AHDB Potatoes gathers and disseminates information on potato production, processing, marketing, and consumption in Britain, and undertakes research and development. The AHDB Potatoes website has more information on its activities and on British potato varieties.