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Introduction to Seeds Marketing

Looking to work in the seed marketing sector, need to know what is required, look no further. The Guide to the Seeds (Registration, Licensing and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 is designed to provide you with a brief overview of what is available and what is involved and contact details.

Seed Merchants, Processors or Packers

Anyone wanting to market certified seed to produce a seed crop must be registered as a Seed Merchant, Seed Processor or Seed Packer. Registration forms (Form A) can be obtained from this Website. There is no fee for registration.

Licensed Seed Testing Station

Form B, provides the necessary information for a business wanting to register as a Licensed Seed Testing Station.

Crop Inspectors

Anyone wishing to register as a cereal crop inspector, is initially required to attend the Crop Inspection Course held annually at Gogar Bank and then pass the exam. Courses details and the annual compulsory re-test are all organised by SASA. Cost £66 - £500.

Please contact Bob Sunter on 0131 244 8815
Seed Samplers

The Seed Sampler's Course and examination takes place in November at Gogar Bank Farm. Cost £74 - £280. For further information contact Russell Thomson on 0131 244 8899​.