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EU Rules Governing the Fruit and Vegetable Sector

Scotland is required to implement EU legislation governing rules for the marketing of fruit and vegetables.

In 2009 these were substantively changed by the EU and resulted in Scottish Regulations (SSI 2009/225). The EU has recently reviewed and recast the regulation (1580/2007) and the changes for these products can be found in regulation 543/2011. Changes are minimal, but some aspects of the marketing standards have altered and further derogations have been granted.

Green banana

Scotland has amended the regulations for marketing green bananas to implement EU Commission Regulation, 1333/2011, which had codified the previous marketing provisions.

The only change made by the codification was to update the term “quality standard” to “marketing standard”.  The provisions can be found in the Marketing of Bananas (Scotland) Regulations 2012 – SSI 349/2012.


Commission Implementing Directive 2013/45/EU updates the existing botanical definition of tomato to Solanum lycopersicum L.. The revision is being made in the light of the development of scientific knowledge.

The Scottish Government will be introducing this change through a revision to The Marketing of Vegetable Plant Material Regulations 1995 during 2014.