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Dairy cowsIntroduction

The Animal Health and Welfare Management Programme ( AHWM Programme) is one of the measures under the Land Management Contract Menu Scheme.

This is a five-year committment that involves farmers taking a proactive approach to raising livestock health and welfare standards and contributing to farm business profitability and product quality on the basis of individual veterinary advice and forward planning.

Support for farmers is available towards the cost of implementing an individual AHWM Programme that reflects particular farm management structures. There are specific supported activities , including compulsory action on disease prevention and control, along with possible voluntary activities on benchmarking, biosecurity, disease testing and forage analysis. There is a maximum payment of £1135 if all available options are carried out.

Wide participation in the AHWM Programme will raise standards of animal health and welfare across Scotland and help achieve strategic objectives whilst at the same time enhancing the profitability of the livestock sector.

It provides a range of benefits to farmers, vets and wider society.

For example, the Programme:

  • provides a unique opportunity for farmers, in conjunction with their local veterinary surgeon, to take a proactive approach towards raising the standards of animal health and welfare on their farm;
  • offers benefits to farmers and the wider society in terms of improved farm business profitability through the impact of health and welfare on on-farm costs and product quality;
  • ensures that veterinary surgeons get on-farm on a regular basis, promoting higher health and welfare standards, improving disease surveillance, providing new income streams for large animal veterinary practices and allowing vets to plan their farm visits more efficiently.

This section covers:

Performance monitoring/Benchmarking - Outlining research evaluating the benchmarking option and progress on the development of the benchmarking database.

Promotion and support - Outlining the activities of the SAC-based Development Officer, including vet induction courses, newsletters, and the new DVD on health planning.

Cost benefit analysis - Outlining ongoing work to support farmer descision making and to identify the contribution that improved animal health and welfare status can make to farm business viability.

Letters - Providing copies of letters issued by SEERAD on the subject of the AHWM Programme.

If you have any further queries specifically on the policy behind the AHWM Programme or about this supporting activity, please contact us ( AHWMP@scotland.gsi.gov.uk).

Any queries regarding applications, inspections, claims or deadlines should be directed to your local Area Office