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Integrated Administration and Control System

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) requires us to set up an Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) to support schemes covered by the Single Application Form and other aid applications. You can read our guidance that sets out the detailed rules of the IACS and the SAF at the Rural Payments and Services website.

The Single Application Form is the claim form for:

  • Basic Payment Scheme (including Greening and Young Farmers payments)

  • Less Favoured Area Support Scheme

  • Land Managers Options

  • Rural Priorities

  • Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (Mainland and Island)

  • Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme

The Single Application Form is a declaration of all the permanent and seasonal agricultural and non-agricultural land parcels you have in the United Kingdom as a separate IACS business. 'Business' is the term we use to describe all our customers, even though you may not class yourself as a business.

We will use the land use data you declare on your permanent, seasonal and common grazings land data sheet(s) to meet the statistical requirements of the June Agricultural Census.

You need to read the scheme guidance for any scheme you are claiming under, which requires you to submit a Single Application Form, and if the scheme requires you to comply with Cross Compliance you need to read the Cross Compliance guidance.

You can see all our guidance at