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Land Management Contract Menu Scheme inspections

What is the Land Managment Contract Menu Scheme (LMCMS)? Filed of crops

The LMCMS was a range of different options offered to farmers which are designed to help them with their farm and business. The options can range from inviting local groups down to visit the farm, to creating wild bird seed mixtures to feed local birds.

Why do we inspect LMCMS businesses?

Under current EU legislation the Scottish Government must inspect at least 5% of businesses participating in the schemes. The inspection will involve a physical check of all land and obligations covered by the agreements and claims.

What do we look for?

Inspectors will measure and verify any capital items that have been claimed as part of the environmental agreement, such as stock fencing.

Where can you find out more?

Unfortunately the Scottish Government inspector's guidance for LMCMS inspections is not currently available. However, further details on what inspectors will be looking for can be obtained from your local RPID area office.

The LMCMS section of this website contains more information about the scheme.