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Land inspections

Why do we inspect land? Access Gate

The Rural Payment and Inspections Directorate (RPID) are responsible for administrating a number of support schemes. Under European Union legislation RPID must carry out a number of inspections per scheme each year. The legislation states that at least 5% of claims made for each particular scheme should be inspected each year.

The majority of these inspections are now carried out by RPID inspectors using Global Positioning Satellite equipment. This allows the inspectors to carry out these inspections efficiently and accurately.

What schemes are covered by land inspections?

In this section you will find the inspection guidance RPID staff use when carrying out on farm inspections. The guidance in this section relates to:

  • Agri Environmental Inspections (CPS, ESA, Habitats, RSS & OAS)
  • Forestry Schemes
  • Less Favoured Area Support Scheme
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Direct Payments and Scottish Rural Development Programme schemes (Cross Compliance)

Where can you find out more?

Visit the Rural Payments and Services website for the latest guidance on land inspections.