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How you can help

You can help us by:

  • filling in your claims and declarations accurately;
  • keeping copies of your claims and declarations so you can refer to them;
  • making sure that your records and documents are up to date and close at hand; and
  • accompanying the inspecting officer during the inspection, if at all possible.

For livestock inspections, you can help us by:

  • making sure that there is a registered keeper for the livestock;
  • being prepared to present the animals and making sure the facilities for handling livestock are suitable and well maintained (this will reduce any risk to people handling the stock, the livestock and the inspecting officers);
  • keeping up-to-date, accurate records and identification documents; and
  • for cattle, using CTS Online for registrations and checking the information held on CTS if possible, and checking and amending your BCMS statement to correct any mistakes on CTS.