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Cattle inspections

Why do we inspect cattle?

The Scottish Government (through RPID) carries out cattle identification inspections (CII) to make sure cattle keepers are complying with animal identification and traceability, and (where applicable) voluntary coupled support scheme legislation set by the UK and EU.Cattle in Stalls

Every year, we must carry out inspections on:

  • three per cent of holdings with cattle
  • five per cent of Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (SSBSS) claimants
  • five per cent of SSBSS claimed animals

The main purpose of the inspection is to check you are complying with the cattle keeper requirements so that we can monitor and trace the cattle population if there is a serious disease outbreak.

What do we look for?

The key requirements are:

  • you are registered with Animal and Plant Health Association (APHA) as the keeper of cattle
  • you have tagged your cattle in accordance with current legislation
  • you have registered your cattle with the British Cattle Movement Service and notified all births, movements and deaths
  • You have retained the appropriate passports
  • you keep records of all cattle births, movements and deaths


Where can you find out more?

Visit the Rural Payments and Services website for detailed information on cattle inspections in Scotland.