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Scottish Agricultural Co-op, Knowledge Transfer and Advisory Support Scheme

Scottish Agricultural Co-op, Knowledge Transfer and Advisory Support Scheme

Purpose: The purpose of the Scottish Agricultural Co-op, Knowledge Transfer and Advisory Support Scheme (“the scheme”) is to promote the interests of agriculture co-ops, aligned to Scottish Government’s vision for Agriculture, through research, knowledge transfer and advice to farmers and other parties that operate within the primary agricultural sector in Scotland.

The Vision for agriculture (“the Vision”) is that Scotland has a green, innovative and profitable agriculture industry which is outward-looking and resilient, supporting economic growth, environment, communities and contributes to global food security.

Agricultural co-ops have an important role to play in contributing towards successful delivery of the Vision, particularly in relation to the undernoted outcomes:

  • Strong sustainable growth in profits from agriculture, driven by increased market orientation, competitiveness and resource efficiency;

  • Agriculture is resilient to shocks and future challenges; and

  • Farmers boost their performance by embracing innovative techniques and best practice underpinned by research.

Domestic Legislative Powers: Sections 4 and 6 of the Small Landholders (Scotland) Act 1911

EU Notification:  This scheme has been notified to the European Commission under Commission Regulation  (EU) No 702/2014, Articles 21, 22 and 31. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32014R0702&from=en

The cover is provided under State Aid regulations and for the relevant Articles being utilised under the scheme - see attached link: Articles being utilised under the Scheme

Duration:  The scheme will run from 09/05/2016 to 09/05/2018

Budget:  The total budget shall not exceed £600,000 over the two year period.

Distribution:  The scheme is not open to general calls or expressions of interest.  Instead grant funding shall be distributed by Scottish Government to an authorised constituted body for bodies in Scotland for the purposes aligned to provision of support to develop, maintain or enhance agricultural co-ops.

Target Sector: Primary Agriculture  

Dissemination:  Completed project reports shall be made available on the Scottish Government website at:  http://www.gov.scot/Topics/farmingrural/Agriculture/grants/BDandM/ScottishAgricultural