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This section contains links to movement record books for sheep, goats, female cattle and male cattle in PDF/excel file format (cattle records) or PDF / word file format (Sheep and Goats register).

Correctly completing these records will ensure you are complying with the legislative requirements and they will be examined if you are selected for a livestock inspection. If your records are unsatisfactory you may be prosecuted. Failure to keep accurate, up-to-date and complete records may also affect subsidy payments. All entries in your records should be printed clearly and must be made in ink.

CalfHerd Register for Bovine Animals

There are two separate record books for bovine animals, one for female cattle and one for male cattle, although the traceability requirements are the same for each sex. Herd records may also be computer based.

It is a legislative requirement that keepers record in their herd register, within the correct timeframes, the details of every birth, every movement on and off the holding ( CPH), and every death of their cattle. Details of all cattle must be recorded and notified to BCMS. For further information, contact BCMS on 0845 050 1234, view the CTS Online website www.bcms.gov.uk or refer to the BCMS Keepers Handbook issued to all keepers.

SheepSheep Flock/Goat Herd Record Book

Correctly completing this flock/herd record book will make sure you meet traceability legislative record requirements. Flock/herd books will be checked at inspection.

All movements on and off the holding must be notified to the Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU). If you have any queries about sheep movement notification, contact SAMU on 0845 601 7597, by email at samu@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or by fax 01387 274457.

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