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Animal Health and Welfare - Strategy

Animal Health and Welfare in the Livestock Industry:  Strategy 2016-2021

The Scottish Animal Health and Welfare in the Livestock Industry - 2016-2021 is a five-year strategy, publication of which followed a commitment to “… Build on the success of existing effective animal health measures by working with the industry to create a Scottish Animal Health Strategy which reflects Scotland’s needs and provides a strong base for a flourishing livestock sector…”. 

An animal health and welfare strategy covering all of Great Britain has been in place since 2004. However, the devolution of animal health budgets in 2011 gave the Scottish Government more scope to set its own priorities. Scottish Ministers therefore wanted to have an animal health and welfare strategy that is tailored to Scotland's needs. The strategy was prepared in consultation with farming organisations, animal welfare organisations and scientists.  It maintains and builds on Scotland’s existing high standards of animal health and welfare in an industry which contributes £1.6 billion worth of output to the Scottish economy and which employs just under 35,000 people.

An implementation group with strong stakeholder representation will be created to advise on how the actions outlined in this strategy are carried out, and on any adjustments required to adapt to changes in circumstances.