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Honey Bee Health - BeeBase Scotland

BEEBASE (National Bee Unit's (NBU) web-based database)

To enable a more joined-up approach throughout Great Britain on the issues surrounding bee health the SG is working closely with colleagues at the Food and Environment Research Agency's (Fera) National Bee Unit (NBU) and have invested in their national web-based database BeeBase.

BeeBase is a national database for beekeepers in Scotland, England and Wales and is an apiculture information source which can be used free of charge by anyone with an interest in bee health.

All beekeepers are encouraged to register onto the system where they can access useful leaflets and advice on specific diseases and pests as well as information on issues such as:

  • Bee health and disease outbreak information
  • Good husbandry and hygiene practices
  • Swarm control and managing colonies for honey production
  • Honey extraction and bottling
  • EU and UK legislation
  • Rules on the importation of bees into the UK
  • Pests and disease recognition and control
  • Queen rearing and nucleus colony production
  • Interactive maps showing current disease incidences
  • Current research areas and scientific publications
  • Items of topical interest
  • Key contacts

If you keep bees and have not yet registered please do so by completing the free registration process directly through the BeeBase website