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cattle Farm Records

It is a legislative requirement that keepers must record in their Holding Register details of all cattle births, deaths and movements on and off the holding.

The following information is the minimum that should be kept in the farm register for each animal:

  • Eartag number
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Identity of genetic dam
  • Date of death of animal on the holding
  • Date of movements on and off your holding, and
  • Details of where the animals had moved to or from

The record requirements laid out in Regulation 8, Schedule 4 of The Cattle Identification (Scotland) Regulations 2007. In accordance with Regulation 8, Scedule 4, 3(1) of the Cattle Identification (Scotland) Regulations 2007, registers must be kept by farms for 10 years and for three years in any other case (e.g. markets) from the end of the last calendar year in which the entry was made.

Registers must be completed within the following deadlines:

  • 48 hours in the case of movements "on" or "off" a holding
  • 7 days for the birth of a dairy animal
  • 30 days for the birth of cattle not in a dairy herd
  • 7 days for a death
  • 36 hours for replacement eartags

Cattle inspections

Inspections are carried out by the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID). Details of these inspections can be found at the Rural Payments and Services website.