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From 1 January 2017 CTS links were replaced with a new system called ‘ScotMoves'. 

BCMS wrote out to all cattle keepers in Scotland who used CTS links.  A copy of that letter can be viewed here.

CTS links in Scotland were not compliant with Regulation (EC) 1760/2000 and posed a risk to disease control, disease eradication and the protection of public health.  CTS links also raised a risk in terms of disallowance to the CAP payment fund.

In the event of a disease outbreak inspectors were not be able to confirm the location of cattle on a holding with a CTS link until such time as they visited the holding.  CTS links also created problems for the Scottish industry led BVD eradication programme.  Industry leaders recognised that the use of CTS links posed a potential risk to health status.

The Scottish Government and industry recognised that CTS links had become an integral part of livestock keeping practice across Scotland which reduced the movement reporting burden for keepers.    With this in mind, Scottish Government and Industry established a joint working group to consider the impact that removing CTS links would have on cattle keepers and how best to reduce this impact to a minimum without jeopardising traceability. 

The joint Scottish Government Industry working group worked to make the transition from CTS links to the new system known as 'ScotMoves' as simple as possible without compromising disease control or public health.  The ScotMoves system is hosted on the ScotEID database system.  ScotEID currently hosts the sheep, goat and pig movement systems together with the BVD eradication programme.

Development of an online holding register will also allow keepers to record all internal movements as simply as possible.  There are a number of scenarios where the ScotMoves system can be used, for example:

  • summer grazing/grass park lets;

  • away wintering sheds;

  • contiguous land; and

  • where a keeper farms on a number of holdings either solely or with other keepers on permanent or long term basis.

The new system complies with the EU regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of disallowance from the CAP fund.  The new system also gives Scottish Government access to all cattle movement data in Scotland and provides a central record of all cattle locations in the event of a disease outbreak.

It is important to bear in mind that the ScotMoves system does not place any additional requirements on keepers.  It is simply a new way to record the same information that they previously recorded in their on-farm holding register.

We hope to further develop this system in due course for all cattle keepers who would like to use it as an online herd register.

All other ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ movements out with the keepers main business will continue to be reported to CTS mainly by markets.

You must register with ScotEID if you wish to use ScotMoves.

Business rules on the new ScotMoves system can be found here.

A detailed Q&A guidance document is also available to answer any queries you may have about ScotMoves and can be found here.

A ScotMoves leaflet is also available to download here.


Downloadable documents:

File:ScotMoves Business Rules [PDF, 245.2 kb: 22 Sep 2016]
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File:Scottish CTS links letter from BCMS [PDF, 163.6 kb: 25 Nov 2016]
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File:ScotMoves Leaflet [PDF, 1933.0 kb: 13 Apr 2017]
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File:ScotMoves Q&A [PDF, 779.1 kb: 01 Jun 2017]
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