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Tagging Best Practice

Tagging Best PracticeAll sheep in the UK must be tagged by the time they are 9 months old (6months if reared indoors) or when they leave the holding of birth (whichever comes first).  Adult sheep and goats (animals older than 12 months) must have two identifiers with the same unique individual identification number.  For sheep, one of the identifiers must be an electronic identifier (EID) tag.  Identifiers are typically ear tags but one of the two identifiers may be another type of identifier.  Please check https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/guidance-for-keepers-of-sheep-goats-and-pigs for further information

With sheep the law does not set out which ear you should use for tagging, industry representatives have recommended that the left ear of the sheep or goat should be used wherever possible.  Before tagging you should make sure the animal's head is secure to prevent jerking during tagging.  Think carefully about the best type of tags for your animals.  There are many types available.  Use a suitable size and style tag for the breed, size and age of the animal.

Make sure your operator is properly trained, competent and familiar with the manufacturer instructions.

The following should be applied when tagging your animals:

For further guidance please see 'The Ten Golden Rules for Tagging' and 'Tagging - Best Practice' presented by Alwyn Jones.

If you have any comments regarding tags either positive or negative please complete the Eartag feedback form below.

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