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Livestock ID and Traceability | Sheep and Goats | Movement Documents

Movement Documents

If you move your sheep or goats you will need to complete a movement document. These documents are in triplicate form therefore the information entered on the first page will be transferred to the following two pages, the first page is white and the following pages are yellow and pink. The movement document must be completed by the keeper at various stages of the move.

Movement documents are issued by the Scottish Government and can be obtained from your local RPID office.

Each keeper should complete the movement document as follows:

Keeper Document Action
Departure location keeper Full Movement document (keep pink copy) Before the animals begin their journey you must enter the following details on the movement document:

• CPH of the departure location;
• departure address;
• name and address of the keeper;
• date of departure;
• number of animals being moved;
• CPH or address of the receiving location;
• signature of the keeper.

The individual number must be recorded on the movement document for moves to shows and for the movement of rams or goats to another holding for breeding purposes.

Once the haulier/transporter has completed the haulage details, the pink copy of the movement document must be retained by the departure keeper for 3 years and be available for inspection if required.

Transporter/Haulier White/Yellow copy of movement document Before the journey commences the Transporter/Haulier must enter the haulage details on the movement document. The white & yellow copy of the movement document or market movement document must accompany the animals on the journey. On arrival at the destination, these must be given to the receiving keeper.
Receiving location keeper Keep yellow copy, send white copy to SAMU (contact details below) You must check that the information about the number of animals moved and the destination details on the movement document received are correct. All moves that take place out with a market must be notified to SAMU within 3 days by the receiving keeper. The date of arrival and the keeper’s signature must be added. The yellow copy of the movement document must be retained by the keeper for 3 years and be available for inspection if required.


Contact details for SAMU

       Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU)

       161 Brooms Road, Dumfries, DG1 3ES

       Tel: 0300 244 5888 

       Fax: 0300 244 8844

            email: SAMU@gov.scot