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Sheep and Goats, livestock identification and traceability

Sheep and Goats: Identification and Traceability sheep

Sheep and Goat Identification and Traceability are a vital part of animal disease control in Scotland. In the event of a disease outbreak, it is important that all animals can be identified and movements traced.

To ensure this level of traceability is achieved, all sheep and goats keepers are required to comply with current legislation which is set by the European Commission.



What are the requirements?

In practical terms there are five key requirements to the legislation, you must:

  • register as a keeper on every holding that you use;

  • identify each of your animals;

  • keep your records up to date;

  • complete movement documents for every move; and

  • notify movements of animals on to your holding to the Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU).  SAMU can be contacted using the details below:

Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU)

161 Brooms Road, Dumfries, DG1 3ES

Tel: 0300 244 5888 

 Fax: 0300 244 8844

     email: SAMU@gov.scot