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Content update

This content is no longer being updated. You can find the swine vescicular disease guide on the gov.scot site.

Diseases - Swine Vesicular Disease

Swine Vesicular Disease

Swine vesicular disease is a contagious disease of pigs caused by an RNA virus. It is thought to have evolved from human virus in the 1960s, producing a virus that affects only pigs and causes disease signs that can be identical to foot and mouth disease. Swine vesicular disease is a much less severe disease, and is limited to pigs, but is often impossible to distinguish clinically from foot and mouth disease, hence it is notifiable. If swine vesicular disease is suspected, samples must also be tested for foot and mouth disease.

Control Strategy

The Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD) Control Strategy measures sets out the disease control measures we would consider if Swine Vesicular Disease was suspected or confirmed in pigs.      

Current Situation

Scotland is free from Swine Vesicular Disease.