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Diseases - Foot and Mouth Disease - Review 2007

Foot and Mouth Review

Professor Jim Scudamore was commissioned to lead a review into the Scottish handling of the implications of the 2007 foot and mouth disease outbreaks, the lessons to be learned and the steps that can taken to minimise the associated disruption of a possible future outbreak.

The Foot and Mouth Disease Review (Scotland) 2007 was published on Thursday 26th June 2008.

The Scottish Government is committed to taking forward the review's recommendations as part of its ongoing support to a sustainable livestock sector. The Progress Report: Scottish Government's Response to the Foot and Mouth Disease Review (Scotland) 2007 was published on 26 August 2011 and provides an update on the progress the Scottish Government has made in meeting these recommendations. Of the 55 recommendations made, 52 were accepted. 31 of these have been met or are under regular review. Due to the need to continually update contingency planning the remaining recommendations require a programme of on-going work.

At UK Government level the Anderson Report, commissioned by the Prime Minister to consider the government's response to the outbreak, was published in March 2008.