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Diseases - Classical Swine Fever

Classical swine fever (CSF) is a contagious viral disease of pigs. Classical swine fever poses a severe threat to animal welfare and affects productivity. It affects both domestic and feral pigs, but is no threat to humans.

Classical Swine Fever can be spread by:

  • direct contact with infected pigs
  • contact with body secretions and animal waste from infected animals
  • infected material carried on vehicles, equipment, pens, feed, hands, boots, clothing, among other livestock, birds and flies

At the first sign of disease, isolate sick animals and stop all livestock movement. If you suspect Classical Swine Fever you must by law (Diseases of Swine Regulations 2014) notify your local Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) Office immediately.


Current Status in Scotland

No cases within Scotland.


Biosecurity advice

The Scottish Government, SRUC and Quality Meat Scotland have produced a set of leaflets providing practical advice for pig keepers to prevent disease on their premises.  These can be downloaded from the following links: