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The Scottish BVD Eradication Scheme

The Scottish Government has committed to supporting an ambitious industry-led scheme to eradicating BVD from Scotland.  The plan is in four stages.

Stage One: Subsidised screening.

Stage One ran from September 2010 to April 2011.  The Scottish Government provided £36 towards testing for BVD for each herd, and a further £72 towards further testing or veterinary advice if the result was positive.  Around 4,000 herds took advantage, at a cost of £180,000.  For more information and results of the screening tests, please follow the link below

More information on subsidised screening.

Stage Two: Mandatory Annual Screening.

All keepers of breeding cattle herds were required to screen their herds for BVD by 1 February 2013, and annually thereafter.  A range of testing methods is available.  Also, where there are calves born in non-breeding herds, they must be tested within 40 days.

More information on Mandatory Annual Screening 

Stage Three: Control Measures (Reducing the spread of infection)

Early in 2012 the Scottish Government consulted on proposals to introduce control measures, including movement restrictions. These control measures came in to force in January 2014, and include:

  • A ban on knowingly selling/moving cattle infected with BVDV;
  • Requiring the herd's BVD status to be declared before sale; and,
  • Restrictions on untested herds/animals

More information on control measures

Stage Four: Enhanced testing and further movement restrictions

Controls introduced on 1st June 2015 include:

  • Movement restrictions on 'not negative' herds
  • A reduction in the number of testing options available
  • The requirement to test replacement animals from untested herds
  • Assumed negative status for dams of calves which have tested negative


The BVD database

The BVD database is a critical component of phase 3 and phase 4 of the BVD eradication scheme, this has been developed as part of the ScotEID database project. Approved laboratories regularly update results from tested cattle. This information from this database allows us to create a national picture of BVD prevalence and provide the industry with the data required to help drive market forces and allow keepers to buy with confidence. The database provides farmers with a facility to view the results for their own herd and for individual animals that have been tested. Eligible veterinary practitioners will be able to change a herd status once control measures have been taken to eradicate BVD from affected cattle.

The database can be accessed through the ScotEID website on http://www.scoteid.com/