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Diseases - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - Feed Controls

Feed controls

In the UK, the original feed ban was introduced in 1988 to prevent ruminant protein being fed to ruminants. In addition, it has been illegal to feed ruminants with all forms of mammalian protein (with specific exceptions) since November 1994 and to feed any farmed livestock, including fish and horses, with mammalian meat and bone meal (mammalian MBM) since 04 April 1996.

There are specific rules to prevent the spread of BSE and other TSEs through the use of animal by-products in animal feed.  More information can be found in the guidance note on feed controls in the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regualtions.

EU-wide Feed Controls

Regulation (EC) No.999/2001 introduced EU controls to combat the spread of BSE. The measures included a ban on the feeding of processed animal proteins to animals which are kept, fattened or bred for the production of food. Some of these measures have been amended in line with the European Commission's TSE Roadmap and further amendments are possible in the future. The Regulation is administered by the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations.

Feed controls at a glance
Feed product Ruminants Non-ruminant farmed animals
Permitted animal proteins - Milk, milk-based products and colostrum, Eggs & egg products, Gelatine from non-ruminants, Hydrolysed proteins derived from non-ruminants or from ruminant hides and skins Permitted - subject to required sourcing and processing standards under Animal By-Product controls Permitted - subject to required sourcing and processing standards under Animal By-Product controls
Prohibited processed animal protein (includes mammalian meat and bonemeal, meat meal, bone meal, hoof meal, horn meal, greaves, poultry meal, poultry offal meal, feather meal); Gelatine from ruminants Banned (In addition to the restricted proteins listed below, and any animal protein not on the permitted list above) Banned (Unprocessed animal by-products are also banned from feeding to farmed animals under Animal By-Product controls)
Restricted proteins (i.e. restricted to non-ruminant feed use) Fishmeal; Blood products; Blood meal (only to be fed to farmed fish); Di-calcium phosphate and tri-calcium phosphate (of animal origin only - not mineral) Banned - except that Fishmeal is permitted for use in milk replacer powder for unweaned ruminants - subject to authorisation to make milk replacer powder containing fishmeal for unweaned ruminants and registration to feed such milk replacer in liquid form to unweaned ruminants Permitted - subject to authorisation to make feed with these products or registration to use it in complete feed on farms where ruminants are present