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Diseases - Foul Brood - Guidance

Foul Brood - Guidance

As soon as a beekeeper suspects that a notifiable disease or notifiable pest is present, they become subject to The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (Scotland) Order 2007. Beekeepers (and others) are required to notify the Scottish Ministers/local Bee Inspector of the suspicion of the presence of a notifiable disease or pest.

The owner, or person in charge of the hive must not remove, or permit to be removed, from the premises or vehicle on or in which the hive is situated any hive, bees, combs, bee products, bee pests, hive debris or appliances; or any other thing liable to spread the notifiable disease or the notifiable pest.

It would be useful for beekeepers to take the following initial precautions if foulbrood is suspected:

  • close your hive
  • reduce the hive entrance to prevent robbing
  • disinfect
  • send samples for diagnosis
  • do not remove suspected hives from their location.