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Control Strategy

The African Horse Sickness Control Strategy for Great Britain describes how an outbreak of African horse sickness (AHS) in Great Britain (GB) would be managed.  The primary purpose of this document is to set out the measures applied in the event of an outbreak of AHS and it summarises the wider framework aimed at preventing and limiting an incursion.

Since AHS could spread throughout GB and not naturally be halted by regional or political boundaries the approach to managing a AHS outbreak seeks complementary, consistent and coordinated measures in all regions.  This framework is endorsed by Scottish Government, Defra, and Welsh Government, although responsibility for management of an outbreak in respective regions falls to the respective Governments.

It is hoped that by describing this framework all parties affected during an outbreak of AHS will be better placed to respond quickly and effectively to control the outbreak.  Furthermore, this strategy will hopefully enable interested parties to prepare to mitigate the likely impact of these control measures during a AHS outbreak.