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Separation Agreements

Authorised Separation Agreements

In addition to specific exemptions, standstill periods may be avoided if an Authorised Separation Agreement is put in place.

Under this arrangement, which is subject to prior authorisation with local RPID offices, where animals are brought onto any holding and held separately from other animals on the farm, the 13 or 20 day standstill period will apply only to the animals brought on and not to the other animals on the farm. Alternatively, animals to be moved off a holding could be held in the Authorised Separation Facilities to ensure that they would not be caught by any standstill triggered by on-coming livestock.

Full details are contained in the Disease Control (Interim Measures) ( Scotland ) Order 2002 (as amended).

Applications and Notes for Guidance

Applications for Authorised Separation Agreements can be printed out, completed and posted to the appropriate local RPID area office, from which further assistance is also available. Contact details for the offices is attached to the Notes for Guidance for Authorised Separation Agreements.

Please note that the form cannot be completed online.