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Animal Health

Animal Health - Diseases and Control in Scotland

The Government's policy on disease control is that prevention is better than cure. This approach works by reducing the chances of a disease entering the animal population, and if it does then it can be quickly spotted and dealt with through the preventative measures. Animals therefore suffer less, while the livestock industry can work without the expensive, stressful, and restrictive disruptions caused by largescale disease outbreaks.

Advice on the use of Veterinary Medicines

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is responsible for the safe, and effective use of veterinary medicinal products in the UK. The VMD website contains advice on the protection of public health, animal health, the environment, and the promotion of animal welfare by assuring the safety, quality, and efficacy of veterinary medicines. The VMD website includes specific advice on Sheep Dips. For further information on this subject please visit the VMD website.